Ritual Precision Indoor 10 (20)


  • $120.00

Innovative 24mm late curve design Looking for elite touch at an affordable price? The Precision 10 might be a good fit. It's an indoor stick, modelled on the same specifications as our Precision Pro and Precision 50 (but containing slightly less Japanese carbon fibre). The Precision 10 is fast and ultra light, with good control out wide and on both sides of the body. It weighs just 460g. The 24mm late curve design and 40 ° face angle are designed for dynamic, attacking players. *Includes the new triple-layer handle system: a fused gel layer that reduces impact and vibration. The EVA Foam wrap increases cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction. Key Specs Head Handle Construction 460g Weight 430mm Balance Point 24mm Bow Height 250mm  Late Bow Point 40 ° angle 113mm length 13.2mm thick Silica face 29.4mm thick Super Soft  Grip AntiShock EVA Foam Impact Gel 10% Carbon 85% Fibreglass 5% Kevlar Short description 10% Carbon | 24mm Late  Bow  

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