Ritual Ultra 55+ (20)


  • $250.00

Maximum Ultra Low Bow The Ultra+ is a specialist defensive stick, built for razor-sharp 3D skills. We've shaped this stick to the absolute maximum FIH specifications. It's got an ultra-thin tapered base, aggressive 24mm profile and an extremely low bow, set just 20cm from the head. You'll notice the medium balance point, too: that gives Ultra its smooth, even swing weight. Perfect for drag flicking. This particular model is the Ultra 55, made from composite fiberglass, Kevlar and 55% Japanese carbon fibre. It's more affordably priced than our premium Ultra+ sticks. *Includes the new triple-layer handle system: a fused gel layer that reduces impact and vibration. The EVA Foam wrap increases cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction. Key Specs Head Handle Construction 535g Weight 385mm Balance Point 24mm Bow Height 200mm Max Bow Point 45 ° angle 116mm length 24.9mm thick Silica face 30.7mm thick Super Soft  Grip AntiShock EVA Foam Impact Gel 55% Carbon 40% Fibreglass 5% Kevlar

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